"Having Megan shoot our wedding was by far one of the best decisions we could have made! Her kind, warmhearted demeanor paired with the fact that she’s dang good at what she does makes for a dream photographer!

Both my husband and I aren't very comfortable in front of the camera and have had some pretty awkward looking photos taken in the past. But with Megan it was so different - she has a way of making you feel at-ease and bringing out your personality so that it really shows in the finished product.

She was great about getting back to me quickly and answering any questions I had, and even though we had a pretty tight timeline for photos on the wedding day she made it work and captured everything we asked for!

I LOVE my wedding photos and have received so many compliments on them. If you’re looking for a sweet, talented and all-around amazing photographer, Megan Hartley is definitely the best choice!" - Kaitlyn

"We chose Megan because we had seen her work with friends of ours and loved it. We were trying to find a great photographer within our budget, but every other photographer we looked at was the right price, but the wrong style. As soon as we saw Megan's portfolio we knew we wanted her for our wedding. The process of communicating with Megan was great. She was available for meetings, quickly responded to emails, and asked all the right questions. We appreciated the way that she held fast with things that she knew would make for a better wedding day and/or better pictures (even if we didn't initially agree), such as having the engagement photo shoot included, leaving enough time for pictures between the ceremony and the reception, and making a list of who would be in our family pictures after the wedding.

The one thing I tell all my friends about Megan is that she saved my wedding day! We were planning on taking the whole bridal party to a park for pictures between the ceremony and reception. Megan, knowing that I was concerned with time and wanting to get back to the reception ASAP, made the call on the day of the wedding, right after the ceremony, to take the bridal party pictures at the church. As a bride, you don't want to make decisions like that on your wedding day. I'm so thankful that Megan did. The pictures turned out great, and we were able to get to the park and back with plenty of time. I believe this shows she has the spur-of-the-moment decision making skills which are essential for a wedding photographer.

In terms of the quality of the pictures themselves, we were beyond satisfied. Megan knows what she's doing behind a camera. We also appreciated that between Megan and the second shooter, all the important moments were captured. 

From start to finish, Megan has exceeded expectations. At first meeting, Megan presented herself as a friend (who wouldn't want to get coffee with her?). Throughout the planning process, she was professional, communicative, explanatory, and flexible. The wedding day, as explained above, went better than anticipated thanks to Megan. And beyond the wedding day, she has surprised us with little gifts and notes to remind us of our love for each other and our love for her!" - Jane


These photos are all so unbelievably amazing!! I can't thank you enough or express how much I love every single photo on there! You did such a good job and I could really tell that you were enjoying yourself as well even in such intense heat! Looking through all of the photos, I couldn't be happier with the selection of moments that are now captured eternally for us - I already told Kim that looking through them, it almost seems as if I'm back living the moments. So thank you so much, from both of us, for these wonderful pictures. I already started trying to mark my favorites so we could upload some to Facebook, but there are so many favorites I didn't even get to the uploading part yet!

On a personal note, I feel very privileged to have met you and was so comfortable having you take our photos at the wedding and I hope we also will keep in touch still ... Again, thank you so much for the photos and for capturing perfectly the beginning of our married lives!" - Luke