An Afternoon with the VerWys Family

Six people I love very much are moving very far away. There are so many things I will miss about having them in my daily life. I will miss the smell of their kitchen on Sunday morning, their awesome stainless steel plates that I not-so-secretly covet every time I am at their house, the way their couch is squishy in all the right places and has hosted me so many times as I've nursed my babies. I will miss Rachel's listening ears, Ryan's kind eyes, their spot-on book recommendations, and their desire to go above and beyond to serve everyone they meet. I will miss Malachi's singing, Abe's sweet laugh, the way Ezequiel says my daughter's names, and Selah's bottomless expressions. Rather than sob into my cereal bowl that they are leaving, we decided to take some photos of them in their home before they began packing. This home is special, as anyone who's been there will tell you. The house has been in Rachel's family for decades. It's hosted family, friends, and strangers, with little distinction made between the groups. Ryan and Rachel have poured themselves into it - blood, sweat, tears, and so many smiles. It's the place they brought their babies home from the hospital and the avocados from their tree out front ... oh, those avocados. Love abides here and there is no doubt in my mind that the same will be true of their next home.

VerWys family, we'll miss you more than we could possibly express. Thanks for letting me spend the afternoon documenting your sweet family. You may be moving, but I am still keeping my fingers crossed for a future VerWys-Hartley wedding someday. With your three boys and my three girls, there ought to be a match in there somewhere!

You are loved and treasured, dear friends.