Jane and Tim: Engaged

There are many components that work in sync with one other to make a happy marriage, but one of the most important things two people can do to foster a healthy relationship, in my humble opinion, is to encourage one another. Jane and Tim are two extraordinary encouragers!  Over and over again during their engagement session they spoke cheerful and uplifting words to one another. They laughed with each other, told stories together, and loved one another well. Their upcoming wedding is going to be amazing because they are amazing and I feel so thankful to be the person who gets to capture it. janetimengagement0001janetimengagement0002janetimengagement0003janetimengagement0004janetimengagement0005janetimengagement0006janetimengagement0007janetimengagement0008janetimengagement0009janetimengagement0010janetimengagement0011janetimengagement0012janetimengagement0013janetimengagement0014janetimengagement0015janetimengagement0016janetimengagement0017janetimengagement0018janetimengagement0019