Showering Cassi

As an only child, I always longed for a brother or sister when I was growing up. I never did get a biological sibling, but when I was 21 I married my darling husband and, in the process, I finally got a brother-in-law. Zack was 17 when we got married and he is the little brother I never had. From countless card games, to visiting him at college, heart to heart texting to watching him love my kids, Zack and I forged a bond that is just as real to me as if we shared blood. I've watched Zack grow from a scrawny 17 year old to an Army Ranger - from a boy to a man. And in a few weeks he's about to do the manliest thing he's done yet - pledge to love one woman for the rest of his life, for better or worse, in sickness and in health. And, you guys, the woman he's marrying? Her name is Cassi and she's one of my favorite people on the planet. The first time she came to a family gathering my husband and I looked at each other in amazement and said that she was the total girl version of Zack - boisterous, hilarious, and so genuine. It is hard to imagine two people more compatible! She is funny and encouraging, thoughtful and kind. She is smart and hardworking, having just completed her Masters degree in social work. She is loyal. She loves Jesus. She is beautiful.  I love her and I am beyond thrilled to share my last name with her in just a few short weeks!

As Cassi prepares to marry Zack, her closest friends and family picked a gorgeous day in April to shower her with love and presents. I snapped a few photos of the day and I think anyone who sees them will understand why I think this girl is so terrific.

Love you, Cassi!

cassishower0001cassishower0002cassishower0003cassishower0004cassishower0005cassishower0006cassishower0007cassishower0008cassishower0009cassishower0010cassishower0011cassishower0012cassishower0013cassishower0014cassishower0015cassishower0017cassishower0018cassishower0019Cassi's bridesmaids surprised her with a present at the end of the shower - a "Ken" doll. He was wearing short shorts and American flag shirt and bore as striking resemblance to Zack! cassishower0021cassishower0020cassishower0022JJ3A5381cassishower0023I just can't wait for their June wedding!!!