Showering Baby White!

I met Morgan in 7th grade. We did a rap together about Tienanmen Square in world history and "ran" the mile together in PE. In other words, we go way back. Even back then, Morgan was as sweet as she was beautiful - and she's exceptionally beautiful, as you'll see in a second. And now, she and her adorable husband are having a baby! Morgan's sister, Whitney, is the creative genius behind Whit Mitt Design and Events and she put together one heck of a baby shower! A gorgeous Mama-to-be, loving friends and family, a stunning backyard and beautiful details ... it was the perfect way to shower Baby White with love.

White Shower0001

White Shower0002

White Shower0003

White Shower0004

White Shower0006

White Shower0007

White Shower0008

White Shower0009

White Shower0010

White Shower0011

White Shower0012

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White Shower0023

White Shower0022

White Shower0026

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White Shower0028

White Shower0029

White Shower0030

White Shower0031

White Shower0032

White Shower0033

Design and Coordination: Whit Mitt Design and Events

Florals: Whit Mitt Design and Events

Paper Goods: Dana Grogger

Chairs: Create a Party