Mike and Heather

Five years of marriage. It may not sound like a lot to people who've been married 20, 40, or even 60 years, but it's an accomplishment that deserves celebration and recognition. And you know why? Because 5 years is enough time to realize that he's never going to stop drinking straight out of the milk carton and she's never going to put her curling iron away. It's enough time to discover that he really does intend to watch sports every.single.weekend. and she really does leave the gas gauge below the empty line without a second thought. Five years is enough time to realize that your spouse isn't perfect, that isn't going to change, and then learn how to live and love in that reality. It's amazing any of us make it through those first five years.   ;)

Mike and Heather have made it five years plus a little bit and they've done so with grace, love, and so much laughter along the way. Their love has been a joy to witness and I look forward to celebrating their marriage for decades to come!

These photos were taken while Mike and Heather spent a long weekend in Palm Springs, California.