Daniel, Rita, and David

One of the things I love best about being a photographer is getting glimpses into the lives of my clients. People watching is one of my favorite activities and when I'm actually invited to do it behind the lens of a camera rather than trying to sneakily do it at a restaurant behind sunglasses, well, that's even better. And a whole lot less creepy. And since trying to be less creepy is always a good goal, finding clients who'll let me take pictures of them being themselves is the direction I feel my photography is headed. My favorite thing about people watching and photographing people is watching how they interact with one another. The way a Mom gently brushes her child's hair off of her face. The way a husband reaches out to grab his wife's hand as she steps off a high curb. The way a baby lights up at the sight of his sibling. These are the moments that make up real life and these are the moments I love capturing in photos.

The following photos are perfect examples of my favorite kinds of photos to take - 3 people just being a family. No props, no gimmicks, just pretty light and lots of love. Daniel, Rita, and David ... thank you so very much for choosing me to capture photos of your precious little family. Our time together was short but so enjoyable for me. My goal was simply to capture you three being yourselves and I hope that was accomplished. Thank you, thank you, thank you for inviting me into your lives and I hope you enjoy your photos!

Meet this sweet family ...