Haley and Nate - Maternity

Very soon, Hayley and Nate will be meeting their precious daughter for the very first time. They are going to be amazing parents and the love and dedication they have already shown to their baby shows how blessed this baby is to have them as parents. I was so thrilled to be able to capture these maternity photos of the beautiful Hayley at almost 38 weeks pregnant and I hope that Hayley and Nate are able to look back on these photos and fondly remember this special time in their lives. Hayley and Nate, thank you so much for allowing me to take these photos. I know doing anything at 38 weeks pregnant is not easy, let alone getting ready for photos and walking through grassy fields! Hayley, you are stunning and I can only hope these photos make you feel as beautiful as you truly are, both inside and out. Your darling girl will be here before you know it and I just can't wait to meet her!

Onto the photos!