The Albarian/Traub Family

Siblings are an amazing gift. I say that as an only child who never had to share my toys or wear hand me downs! :) Seriously though, the siblings in these photos represent the best of sibling-hood - they love one another fiercely, enjoy each other's company, and can both tease and receive teasing with ease. They've also welcomed a new sibling-by-marriage with grace and humor. Their parents have obviously done a remarkable job in raising such fun and loving people and it was my absolute joy to take these family photos for them! Cass, Priscilla, Paul, D.J., Daniel, and Suzy, thank you so much for letting me spend the afternoon documenting your family! You guys kept me laughing and on my toes and I just had a wonderful time with each and every member of your family. I hope you enjoy this small sampling of the photos we captured!