Trevor, Stephanie, and Lucy

This family is so special to me. They were so encouraging to me when I began my photography journey and I will forever be thankful that they had confidence in me before I even had confidence in myself. I've shot this family twice before, once at Lucy's baptism and once for family photos right before Lucy turned one. They are just so fun to be around and I always enjoy our time together. Plus, any time I get to spend with little Lucy is a total joy. She was one of the happiest babies I have ever known and she continues to have such a great personality as an almost two year old! Even though I know that there will be trials ahead as Lucy enters the "terrible twos" I also know that her sweet spirit will continue to shine, thanks in no small part to her wonderful parents. I feel so privileged to have watched Lucy grow and I look forward to watching her as she grows from a baby to a little girl! Trevor, Stephanie, and sweet Lucy - thank you again for allowing me to capture your family in photos. I truly treasure your friendship and I hope you enjoy your pictures! They were an absolute pleasure to take.  :)

Lucy's grandparents were able to join us for a portion of the shoot and I was so happy to capture the adoration they have for Lucy and the love she has for her grandparents.