Thankful, thankful, thankful ...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I consider myself one of the most blessed people alive so I have an incredible amount to be thankful for - my beautiful daughters, my amazing husband, my incredible extended family, wonderful friends, food to eat, a warm place to sleep, and the unconditional love of the God who created the universe. I am thankful from my the top of my head to my tippy toes! Something else I am thankful for is my freedom. And for the men and women of the US military who protect all of us today and everyday. As a former military wife, I am also so incredibly thankful for the sacrifices made by the family members of those who serve. I can only imagine the stress and heartache of experiencing multiple long deployments and I am continually amazed by the strength of our soldiers and their families.

Today, I am honored to share the photos of an Army family as they prepare for another long deployment. The love and affection they have for one another is so strong and has already withstood incredible tests. When others would have buckled, this family stood firm and allowed the challenges they faced to bring them closer together. I know that even though it will be tough to be separated yet again, this family will rely on their faith, their family, and their deep love for one another to get them through.

Jeremy, Abby, and Jeremy Jr., I hope these photos can bring you joy when your hearts are heavy and remind you that the love you have for one another knows no distance. It was my absolute pleasure to capture these photos and I hope I'll be able to capture your family again once you are reunited. I wish that there was some way to convey the depth of my gratitude for your service, but it seems as though a simple thank you will have to do. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.