Peanut's Family

Peanut, short for Peanut Butter, is a bunny. She is also a celebrity. She helps students all day long in her Mom's classroom and has over 450 facebook fans. In my circle of influence, Peanut is a more influential bunny than even Bugs himself, and that's saying something! Peanut wanted some photos with her family and her canine siblings, so we got together one afternoon and I tried my hand at pet photography. It's actually not all that different from photographing children, I found out. All I had to do was make animal noises to get their attention, deal with a little drool, and promise them treats for their good behavior. Standard stuff here at Megan Hartley Photography! Thankfully, Peanut's family is incredible and they made my job easy. They truly love one another (and their pets!) and I had such a wonderful time spending the afternoon with them!

Peanut and family, I hope you enjoy your photos!  ;)

The star herself ... I think she's thinking "Hey, Mom!"