Baby Gavin

There are few things sweeter in life than a newborn baby. And boy, is Gavin sweet! Even though he was only 7 days old when these photos were taken, he was alert, curious, and oh so cuddly! He wasn't so sleepy (there was too much new stuff to look at to sleep!), but we waited him out and were able to get some super sweet shots of him sleeping. And Gavin's parents, Morgan and Danielle ... they just made it all look so easy. They are both so in love with their son and each other and it was such a pleasure to spend the afternoon with this new family at their home. I am so excited to watch Gavin grow and I am so glad Morgan and Danielle took the time to have these newborn photos taken. It is incredible how quickly babies grow and these pictures will hopefully always remind them of just how tiny he was! On to the photos! Special thanks to Chelsey of Crochet Creations for the custom made hat Gavin is wearing!