The Fieldhouse Family

"So ... what do you think of Mark?" Allison asked me on a late night walk while camping in Joshua Tree. I was pretty sure I already knew what she thought of him. "Mark's great!" I said. "Why?"

"I think I kind of like him," Allison said cautiously. Oh yeah, she liked him alright. She laughed when he farted, for goodness sake. There really is no clearer clue that a girl is in like with a guy.

Thankfully, Allison's feelings were more than reciprocated by Mark. Their like turned into love and they were wed just a couple of years later. Their love grew even more when they added their two precious girls, Tessa and Molly, to the family.  Pretty much all they are missing now is a dog.

Mark and Allison, thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your love story. I love sharing life with you and it was so special to be able to document your sweet family. I hope you enjoy your photos!                        

Tessa really loves Molly ... maybe a little too much for Molly's taste! :)

Mark and his women.