Chalk Love

Chalk. A classic childhood artistic medium. I can't even begin to estimate the number of hop scotch squares and rainbows I drew with sidewalk chalk as a kid! And blackboard chalk ... well, that was just the coolest. Being the nerd that I was (am) I was always THRILLED when I was allowed to spend my precious recess time smacking the chalkboard erasers together to "clean" them. And writing my name in chalk on the chalkboard when I was the line leader ... well, that just made my little heart sing with pride. Chalk. Just plain old CaCO3. (See? I told you I was a nerd.) An abundant mineral with the potential to unleash creativity and aid learning in kids and adults alike. A strangely powerful substance which somehow writes its messages on the hearts of those who view it. Whiteboards, in all their color coded glory, just can't compete.

Here is my favorite picture which includes the use of chalk - a photo of my daughter, Lily, holding a chalkboard with a heart to send to her Grandma.


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