Press Printed Albums

Lots of my clients choose to purchase the digital negatives to their photos and I 100% support that. Digital photos are easy to share with loved ones and I love that people want to share my photos with their families and friends. However, too many times people take those digital photos and don't end up doing anything with them! And believe me, I am speaking from personal experience. I have files and files full of pictures of my daughter that have not been printed, hung on the wall, or put into an album. So sad! Life is busy, things get forgotten, projects get delayed, and other things take priority. So, what's the solution? Order a custom designed album of photos from your photo shoot! Photo albums are tangible and are a wonderful way to showcase the beautiful photos you've invested in as well as remember the time in your life that has been captured. Plus, you don't have to do any of the work! :) If you choose to order an album with your session, you will be able to look through your photos and pick which ones you want to go in the album. This takes place online and is super simple. You will be able to choose your choice of covers and I will design and order your album. In less than 3 weeks you'll have your beautiful, custom album in your hands and ready to share!

I just received a new sample of the press printed albums I offer and I am so pleased with the quality! I love the rich leather cover and thick pages. These albums lay flat, which also makes them perfect for guest sign in books.

This album is an 8"x8" with 20 pages. It feels so substantial in your hands and is filled with photos from Celeste and Simon's photo shoot. Please contact me if you have any questions about the albums I offer, the process of ordering an album, or the cost. Now, onto the photos of the album!

Look at those thick pages! They do not bend at all as you turn the page.

I chose a brown leather cover for this sample, but there are 33 different cover choices available, including custom photo covers!

The album lays completely flat!

The photo quality is beautiful and I LOVE that there is not a gutter down the middle. There is a small seam, as you can see in the photo above  if you look closely, but it is really awesome to be able to create spreads that fill both pages and look so beautiful!