Kim and Owen - Orange County Portrait Photographer

Kim and I have been friends since 5th grade. She was a gymnast and spent hours trying to teach me to do a handstand in my living room as I fell helplessly, over and over again, into the giant pile of couch cushions we had piled on the floor. Well, I never learned to do a handstand but Kim's gymnastic skills certainly came in handy during our shoot since we may or may not have needlessly climbed over a fence to access our location ...  The patience Kim displayed all of those years ago is also coming in handy now that she is a Mom!  Her son, Owen, is truly a miracle. After being born very prematurely, he is in great health, incredibly intelligent, and such a character! I had the best time taking photos of Kim and Owen and hope Sam, Kim's husband and Owen's Dad, enjoys these photos for Father's Day! Kim, I treasure you and your friendship and I can't thank you enough for allowing me to document this precious time in your life. Owen was really enjoying the tractors and equipment, but he kept pointing to the radio in one of them and saying "Gaga" over and over again. Kim explained to me that Owen is passionate about Lady Gaga and wanted her music to come out of the radio! What a crack up!